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Synergitects is a Real Estate Investment firm based in Southern California with a primary focus in Property Entitlements & Development.  With over 10-years of firsthand knowledge in Real Estate and Architecture, Synergitects takes a strategic approach in working to solve complex land-use problems, determining best/highest land value, and representing principal owners at all stages of entitlements. With key resources in various Cities/Municipalities, our team has a hands-on approach to ensure best possible results for Specific & Redevelopment plan amendments and project proposals at administrative meetings, public hearings, and the various entitlement gatherings. With our knowledge, resources, qualifications and a thorough study of the Real Estate market conditions, Synergitects has attained a proven track record of obtaining Zoning, Planning & various City approvals. These "entitlements" have increased the values of the properties significantly and have further afforded financial gains to the Principal owners and our clients.   


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